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OTSIt needs to be emphasised at the outset that any OTS passenger seeking to travel abroad on a business trip or package holiday without proper all round insurance cover cannot be encouraged to place his/her business with us.

This is not an attempt by OTS to earn additional commission from insurance sales since we simply do not sell such cover … nor do we recommend insurance brokers!

What we are good at is extolling the virtues of travel insurance and suggesting to our clients their need to think in terms of cover in relation to all the following areas of concern associated with any normal trip abroad:

Cancel or curtail the trip, missed departure, travel delay, missed connection, delayed luggage, loss of luggage or cash, medical treatment, unusual activities, personal liability, disaster or catastrophe, airline or tour operator or agency failure.

Most OTS clients appreciate the need to carry proper insurance either on a single trip basis or, for frequent travelers, on an annual basis. Other sources of cover might well include certain sections of your home insurance policy, family travel cover (seldom seen nowadays), your all embracing corporate worldwide travel policy and the ever reliable but somewhat limited in scope EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).

By all means do raise the questions of Personal Travel Insurance whenever a reservation is made with OTS, but please accept the fact that we do not sell personal travel insurance.

Are you properly insured?

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