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OTSIn the main, we rely upon an online hotel reservations company to fulfil our clients accommodation requirements. However, where meetings or conferences are concerned, the likelihood is OTS will make direct contact with the hotel or hotel chain selected in order to achieve an objective of always minimising the client's budget.

Regarding the UK market, it is estimated that rather more than one million people spent last night in someone elses bed! In recent years twice as many UK domestic breaks were arranged compared to those based on overseas destinations... a trend which is probably going to continue for several years ahead. Be surprised, therefore, by the value offered here at home in top quality hotels sourced by OTS.

*The hotel search Facility below is for those seeking hotel accommodation worldwide. Please note that bookings made via this system require payment direct to the hotels concerned and consequently we cannot bill those bookings to your company account.

Should you require a hotel to be booked and billed directly to your Company then, having found the hotel you desire, contact us with the details for us to make the booking - please note that the cost will be the same!

We try to find the very best hotels that suit you needs

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