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OTSAnyone sitting at a computer in a High Street travel agency can book flight tickets. But, for those who want a travel plan tailored to fit their individual requirements, there's a need for the expertise of a highly qualified and sympathetic travel expert. A professional who can design an exclusive travel plan that's as personal to you as the clothing you chose from your wardrobe this morning.

You wouldn't expect a junior filing clerk to negotiate high level contracts or ask a copy typist to choose company fleet vehicles, would you? Yet many top executives leave their travel arrangements to staff with limited personal travel experience who quickly learn to expect minimal advice from inexperienced travel agency staff. It shouldn't be like that. For you it needn't be.

For your travel planning you need a personal business travel adviser. One person who understands your needs and will have the time and interest to be available to you when you have the need. Someone whose advice you can trust because it is based on professional experience and is totally unbiased.

We will help you avoid those long waits

Past and present OTS clients include Pop Stars, Celebrities, Universities, Authors, National Newspapers and Magazines, Multi National companies along with those smaller businesses which may, one day, prove to be well known local household names themselves.


Almost certainly you travel more comfortably and arrive more alert at certain times of the day... quite possibly you would prefer an overnight stop in an attractive capital city to almost certain lengthy transfer delays in a notoriously overcrowded airport.. probably one style of hotel suits you better than another.. and it's likely that having the car of your choice waiting to collect you will help you to arrive at that important first appointment feeling more relaxed.

All of this and much more can be arranged by a personal adviser who takes the time and trouble to find out what you really want, rather than pushing you into a package that fits where it touches. In other words an itinerary designed exclusively for you!

OTSAn invitation exclusively for you.

OTS provides generous credit facilities based on a computerised invoicing and management system. Our commercial account clients are provided with a username and password to enable them to view all their current and past bookings and to retrieve associated itinerary and invoice information either for corporate or individual purposes.

Please call OTS for further advice on 01235 772288 if you have forgotten or misplaced your login details or you wish to setup your own personal login.

OTS's diligent approach may not, of course, be for everyone. Business travellers who are perfectly willing to accept a 'fingers-crossed' approach to travel arrangements made by inexperienced counter staff don't need our personal attention or four decades of worldwide business travel experience. On the other hand if you are a person who demands the best in travel, as in everything else, then you are invited to join our exclusive portfolio of OTS Business Travel users.

Call us on 01235 772288


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